Research and Development

The research programs at the Netherlands Forensic Instituut cover a wide range of forensic topics. Our interests are mainly in the visualisation, isolation and extraction, analysis and interpretation of latent traces.

Currently we are working on new methods for:

  • the visualisation of latent fingerprints, chemical imaging of latent traces,
  • analysis of fingerprint left in or with blood,
  • standardising analytical control measurements in several forensic disciplines and
  • chemical analysis of latent fingerprints.

We are always looking for new insights and novel paths to get more out of traces. In the past we have collaborated with dr. Melanie Bailey we have described a novel method to extract different types of traces from a surface. In collaboration with dr. Simona Francese we have looked at a wider range of illicit materials to be extracted from fingerprints.

In collaboration with dr. Laura de Clerck and dr. Maarten Dhaenens we are exploring novel approaches in Forensic Proteomics. Where we have only scratched the surface in an earlier project, where we analysed proteins from fingerprints, there are other areas where the protein analysis may be very useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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